The way biopharmaceutical companies manage their businesses has evolved dramatically. In the past, the focus was on products. Today, the emphasis is on building brands as a means to achieve greater customer loyalty and market share in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As biopharmaceutical companies continue to adapt to intense cost cutting and downward pressure on top-line growth and earnings, they are now embracing new organizational structures – therapeutic market-based franchises and customer-focused SBUs – that enable increased transparency and alignment, and the optimization of resources across portfolios.

BRG's franchise and SBU management offering helps companies develop a planning and management system based on organizing portfolios of brands into distinct franchises and integrating cross-functional resources into SBUs, each with a unique set of markets, customers and strategic capabilities. For each unit, the management system consists of a comprehensive set of strategic objectives, measures and targets, and a set of initiatives agreed upon by the leadership team. To ensure ongoing alignment and accountability, each unit adopts a consistent governance process to continuously monitor progress and gather feedback on execution and trends. 

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