For most executives, putting their organization on the right road to success is a challenging but straightforward task that starts with creating a clear statement of the endgame for the organization. However, the less obvious task is deciding how best to sustain momentum toward the target, especially when organizations lack consensus on what success looks like and the ability to evaluate progress along the way. As the saying goes “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Successful life science leaders understand this point and not only invest the time and resources to define strategic goals, but also to select, track and refine a balanced portfolio of performance measures for evaluating progress against shared goals.

BRG works with management teams to select and implement performance measures that are used to inform progress against strategic goals and enable rich, data-driven discussion of key issues and more timely intervention and support, as required. BRG's measurement development approach consists of individual and group facilitation sessions to agree on strategic goals and key drivers, identify performance measures, define performance targets, analyze and graph data, and prepare and conduct the performance review meetings.​ 

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