DYNAMIC STRATEGY EXECUTION is the new management imperative. Traditional strategic planning and execution can no longer keep up with today’s rapidly changing business environment. Strategy and execution must be integrated and adapted quickly based on implementation feedback, insights, and learning.

OUR MISSION is to help companies in healthcare, technology, consumer, finance and other fast-changing industries build the dynamic strategy management capabilities necessary to win in a rapidly changing world.


  • Applying proven strategy management approaches and tools
  • Facilitating workshops and off-sites that identify and resolve key strategic issues, build consensus, and create the urgency to act
  • Developing strategy management capabilities through executive education, coaching, and training
  • Partnering closely from design through implementation

Align and Mobilize the Organization

​​Ensure line of sight, communicate and mobilize change, and align the organization to priorities –business units, functions, partners and employees


Bull River Group is a management consulting firm that advises, facilitates, and trains leaders and teams seeking to design and implement dynamic business execution systems. We specialize in delivering practical, flexible, and cost-effective solutions that improve our clients’ ability to effectively plan, measure, monitor, and continuously adapt strategy.

Confirm Vision and Strategy

​Clarify vision and goals, identify strategic imperatives and change agenda, and translate strategy into action – objectives, measures, targets and initiatives

Execute and Adapt to Drive Results

​​Develop reporting systems including scorecards and dashboards, monitor results, and continuously improve the key drivers of performance