Most companies have departments to manage finances, human resources, marketing, information technology, strategic planning and quality. But who manages the execution of strategy? Too often strategy execution is managed department by department. While a siloed approach to execution may have worked well in the past, it is now an impediment to achieving results. In a rapidly changing and highly competitive global business environment, companies must have the ability to manage their strategies dynamically. They must have a clear strategic focus that can be simply communicated to the organization and be adept at faster decision-making based on timely, high-quality information. They must also have the agility to quickly align their organizations when they make mid-course corrections or alter their strategic direction. Recognizing this imperative, leading-edge companies are creating a new function – the Office of Strategy Management (OSM). The intent of the OSM is to accelerate results: to guide the development and communication of strategic direction; embed strategy execution in key management processes; and coordinate plans and activities across business units, functions and individual goal setting.

BRG helps organizations make business execution a sustainable, core competency through the establishment of an Office of Strategy Management. BRG partners with clients to design, plan and implement the OSM, including the OSM's mission, key management processes, roles and responsibilities, and the annual calendar of strategy governance activities. Until the OSM is fully up and running, BRG assists with on-boarding and coaching newly appointed OSM employees, establishing or enhancing core strategy management processes, and preparing for and facilitating strategy review meetings.

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