DYNAMIC STRATEGY EXECUTION IS THE NEW MANAGEMENT IMPERATIVE. Traditional strategic planning and execution can no longer keep up with today’s rapidly changing business environment. Strategy and execution must be integrated and adapted quickly based on implementation feedback, insights, and learning. 

We apply a proven approach to help our clients build dynamic strategy management systems that increase organizational alignment and flexibility, improve the speed and quality of decision-making, and accelerate results. 

Dynamic strategy making requires continuous analysis of critical trends and issues in order to generate insights, revise the future vision, and adapt the strategy. The ability of leadership teams to rapidly turn insights and vision into clear strategic direction and build consensus on strategic shifts is critical for enabling execution and achieving results. 

  • Analyze critical trends and issues
  • Generate insights and re-envision the future
  • Identify strategic direction and imperatives

Operationalizing the strategy starts with communicating a coherent, integrated, and streamlined set of priorities and defining strategic performance measures and targets that represent successful results. Building Strategy Maps and Scorecards provides a framework for prioritizing strategic programs, defining leadership roles and accountabilities, and ongoing governance of strategy execution. 

  • Clarify objectives and build Strategy Maps
  • Develop performance metrics / targets
  • Prioritize strategic programs

Strategy is linked to operations by aligning operating units, organizational capabilities, and employees to strategic priorities and goals, and sustaining the discipline to continually optimize strategic initiatives and track results. Taking the organization to a higher level of performance also requires Leaders who can communicate and mobilize the organization at all levels around a clear and holistic agenda for change. 

  • Align operating units and capabilities
  • Communicate and mobilize
  • Optimize strategic initiatives

Establishing a governance process that links strategy reviews with operations and budgeting enables continuous learning and adaptation of the strategy. This strategy management system must be broadly adopted and managed consistently (Office of Strategy Management). It must also be supported by effective reporting and analysis tools such as Scorecard, Dashboard and Business Analytic technologies.

  • ​Establish strategy reviews and governing process
  • Implement strategy reporting/Scorecards/Dashboards
  • Leverage strategy management and business analytics technologies