In today’s highly competitive, cost-sensitive environment, biopharmaceutical and healthcare companies are rewarded for optimizing resources that will reduce costs, drive innovation, and sustain revenue growth. Yet, as important as this process is, many executives view the allocation of resources as a politically charged exercise that is conducted in silos, lacks transparency, and is inconsistent in follow up and accountability. Often, the sole purpose of resource allocation appears to be sharing the pain of cutting costs or redistributing power rather than providing a strategic process for improving organizational focus, alignment, and speed of decision-making in optimizing scarce resources. ​

BRG helps companies recognize and realize the increased organizational and financial benefits that are possible from having a robust initiative management process. BRG provides a framework for consistent evaluation of funding requests for strategic and operational initiatives or projects. The goal is to minimize the politics behind the allocation of resources by establishing a formal, objective and repeatable process for identifying, selecting, evaluating and tracking the benefits derived from initiatives. Once in place, resource allocation becomes a valuable driver of business execution.  

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